Door to Door Robbery

What’s worse than a door-to-door salesman?

A burglar posing as a salesmen.

That’s right, the person knocking on your door to entice

you to buy something may actually be interested in taking

your possessions, not adding to them.

A New Method For Casing Homes

Some would-be burglars have discovered that posing as salesmen and saleswomen gives them a “safe” way of casing entire neighbourhoods.

Normally, when a stranger walks up to one home after another, it will draw the attention of neighbours. But not with a salesman – after all, walking up to people’s houses is exactly what everyone expects a door-to-door salesman to do, right?

Police Are Finding More Burglars Posing as Salesmen

So don’t be afraid to call the police if you see suspicious activity in the area – your neighbour may thank you for it later.

It just so happens that real salespeople carry ID cards. Therefore, if someone does come to your door claiming to be selling a product or service, it would be wise to ask for their identification first.

If they don’t have an ID, make an excuse, and quickly close your door, this would be another good reason to call the authorities so that they can keep an eye out.

Having CCTV installed will deter and give you some reassurance.

Using no nonsense caller stickers on doors and windows are a good way to deter.

Ensure all window and locks are secured.

Ensure no valuables are on display within doorway.


The idea that burglars might risk exposure by pretending to sell products in broad daylight might seem far-fetched, but as the problem has already been identified in several areas, it’s clearly very real and some burglars are discovering that it’s an effective way to case a neighbourhood.

What can you do? Simply being aware is key. You may want to avoid opening your door to strange salespeople, or at least ask them for ID if you do. If you have any suspicions, report them to the police so that they can investigate further.

Remember, “nosy neighbours” often make for a safer neighbourhood!

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