Garden Security

People generally slip up when it comes to garden security -

These can be quiet places that robbers or intruders can enter

the home, tress pass undetected or steal from please see our

quick guide to securing your garden.

Garden theft has increased over the past few years –

hardly surprising since we spend so much money on

everything from barbecues to furniture and tools to plants.

Start with the garden boundary. Dense thorny hedges are seriously unpleasant to push through or climb over. Bushes with vicious thorns include blackthorn (Prunus spinosa), hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna), berberis (the hybrid stenophylla is one of the prickliest), holly (Ilex species), pyracantha and gorse (Ulex europaeus).

Make fences harder to climb over by attaching trellis to the top, which won’t hold an intruder’s weight. Use trellis that’s at least 30cm deep and as an extra deterrent grow thorny climbing roses up the fence and trellis.

Instead of attaching trellis to the top of a fence, you could add some posts, run parallel wires between them above the height of the fence and train thorny roses along these.

Keep front-garden hedges and fences low – 1m is ideal – so that intruders can’t hide behind them and anyone hiding will be more visual.

If your back garden has an access gate, keep it padlocked. Use clutch-head screws to attach the hasp and latch, so that thieves can’t simply unscrew them without bothering to remove the padlock. Use clutch-head screws to attach the hinges too, for the same reason. And make sure that the gate can’t simply be lifted off its hinges.

Use gravel for paths and driveways – it’s impossible to sneak about quietly on a gravel path.

Consider installing CCTV .

Motion-sensitive lighting can deter intruders.

Contact us should you require both as we can provide and install quality products.

Keep valuable plants and ornaments secure

Secure statues, urns and large planters by cementing them in place or by chaining them to an ‘anchor’ – either a wall bolt or one fixed to the ground. Or bolt planters to the ground by fixing coach bolts through the pot’s drainage holes.

Stop thieves making off with expensive trees and shrubs by securing them with a specialist land anchor when you plant them. A low-tech alternative to hang on to newly planted shrubs is to plant them through a layer of chicken wire topped with soil – it makes them harder to dig up or pull out.

Make hanging baskets harder to steal by hanging them on lockable brackets or by threading chain through the basket rim and attaching it to the wall.

Mark valuable planters, urns and statues with your postcode – use a UV pen, paint or even engrave it, on the base, under the rim or somewhere inconspicuous.

Keep your oil tank secure

Reduce the risk of theft from an oil tank for oil-fired central heating by siting the tank where it can be seen from the house. Fit a closed-shackle padlock to the inlet lid – the design is bolt-cutter proof.

Install a motion-sensitive light near the tank and an electronic oil gauge that will trigger an alarm if the oil level in the tank falls rapidly.

Always ensure rear windows and doors are locked and secure.

For further information or advice contact us, We offer various services to combat items outlined.