Find out why choosing Hunter Richards Security as your cleaning

provider will prove to be the right decision for your property:

Proven Experience and Quality Service Positive Word of Mouth.

We provide quality work and client service and this is why 80% of

our clients come from referral– which is what sets us apart from

the competition.

We encourage and build solid relationships – Our customers are of

paramount significance to us. We build our business relations on

trustworthiness and reliability, making sure that our relationships

last for many years.

Our professional cleaners are going to do everything possible to

satisfy all of you requirements.
What helps our company to grow is reputation and how important

‘word of mouth’ is.

80% of our yearly business come from recommendation and at the same time we are seeking for new clients.

How we achieved this is by always putting the client first.

We will listen to you and your wishes, and give you a realistic estimate on how we think we can make manage your account and cleaning requirements.

We will take care of you an we promise to give you:

Excellent operational and administrational support.
Value for money and simplicity.
An accredited service industry experience.
Plus, an irresistible range of cleaning services.
We are receptive an we stay engaged in a project during the whole process.
Our service is performed on time and it is very affordable, too. To find out more about our prices email us at
Our cleaning company doesn’t do “one size fits all”, but rather tailor solutions to a customer’s requirements, focusing on completing the job in the right way.
After Sales Service and Customer Satisfaction – Our commitment to you does not end with a certificate. We aim to go beyond the expectations of our clients, so we can completely satisfy their individual requirements.
We give you one dedicated contact for the whole process: Your very own Account Manager. Any problems, your contact takes care of them; leaving you free to get on with the rest of your job.
We will establish and carry out periodical quality control checks so a high standard of service is maintained at all times in order to meet your expectation and satisfaction.
Nevertheless, we have an established customer complaints procedure in place and all cleaning staff and management are aware and have been trained to handle complaints in a professional and courteous manner.

For more information about our professional cleaning company in Scotland and England send us a email or contact us using our contacts page.